Every day you welcome new opportunities

Man. Mom. You are such a fighter. So proud of the fight you put up. I happened to go on your linkedin profile because I remember I helped you with it and then you must’ve deleted that profile or whatever we wrote and wrote your own. 

With 30 years of retail food I revern the day to day changes and operations that come with this level of business. Everyday you welcome new opportunities, from a New Customer, to mentoring an un-trained new hire, to making a profit line a sucess story, Alot goes into this business,much more than most will ever realize,but for me going to work was always a new horizon. Im certainly hoping that sometime soon I may return to the Retail Food Industry.

It felt so good to read another piece in your own writing. You always loved writing and talking about your friends and family. Made me happy. Times are not easy right now. We all just want our PattybytheSea back. Lots of tough discussions and what not just aren’t what we want right now. We found a big pile of old pictures. A lot I have never seen before. I gave them all to Lisa for everything. A ton of people have sent their support and reached out. So many people care about you and us. It’s a great feeling. The whole week the sun has been shining and we’ve all been getting our little signs from you. I kept mine private because it was really special. Just sitting here thinking of all of our laughs and all the good times we had doing the little things. I guess just like you did with Pop Pop. You’re a true humanitarian Mom. Never one to toss someone in the mud (well, unless they toss you first maybe) and never one to throw your friends under the bus. A real take it on the chin type person. I laugh at how some people are living such sad lives all being selfish, self-absorbed or thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Even while you were in that tiny house raising us, I knew you had dreams of better places. Places where the water laps up against your feet and the sand dusts off an old wooden pier and every night around dinner time, there are warm lights, laughs, full bellies, and a small glimmer of American life. I can see it now….but not really from 988, but from The Can. I will always regret not staying more nights down there with you and Pop Pop. I guess I was just busy doing me and my life. When I talk about these times with my friends or our family, they all say, “you were busy living life and didn’t for a second forget about your mom….” I guess we always think we can do more, but then I remember all the times we were down OCNJ the summer you got The Bitty and I would just pack a bag and stay over. Man I wish you got that place again a few times. It was such a cool little spot. And reading on the beach. I am really glad I got that one video for Kane. He will be able to watch it for the rest his life and know how much you truly love him. It’s cold in Manayunk today. I am definitely ready to move on to the next phase and have some ideas as to where I will be heading. I know you would be sending me every house from every town. I don’t know why you never took my offer on that condo. I was telling someone about that and what you said, “What do they think this is the f’n Hilton? I’m not paying that!!” I tried. The past two days have been crazy. Things are starting to quiet down. I think we all will need that soon. Just quiet to go and do our grieving in peace. I know you wouldn’t want us to stay down, but there’s nothing wrong with sitting there and just thinking about how special someone is to you and just knowing that you matter so much to all of us. I am so grateful that we had so much time to spend together as a family and also as a mother and son and having fun all over the place. I know that no one can really understand how your life has been, but I know you put on a smile for all of us and we made the most of our time. Like everyone, I just wanted one more meal with you, one more hug, some more laughs, some more special moments. We miss you Mom. I know we will all see you again. Bobby


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