Shed a tear...

Many will read that and think it’s something sad, but as I was driving down to Delco to come and see you today, I laughed when I was typing that to someone else who was leaving my work group. I asked her if she “shed a tear?” and I remembered ALL those times when we would be on our way out to get some food at the OC, Newport, Philly, Delco, etc. And on cue, you would be like, “hold on, I just have to shed a tear before we go….” And you would shuffle your way into the closest bathroom. You and Nanny are like the bathroom sisters cause you guys never get on the road with even being close to having to go. I am in your room now and it gives me a pleasant and funny memory. You are always so funny. You would also have something to say about my bathroom immediately after. “Bobby, that baseboard is dusty, your floor looks messy, that bathtub could use a nice coat of comet and bleach, your medicine cabinet looks like it’s from the 60’s. Haaaaa. Always the jokester. I recently heard of another tragic event that happened to a family we are very close to. My heart really just broke for this family because I can totally understand what they’ve gone through and the road ahead without their loved one beside them. Another loss, another great person moving on. I just can’t make sense of any of it. Meanwhile so many terrible people stay roaming the planet. I don’t wish them ill will as I believe their punishment is to wander the earth alone or without the one they loved at some point in life. That is hard. I guess this is the cycle though. I guess I won’t get answers until it is my time. Cold and rainy here in Delco. You’ve definitely would be calling me and asking what I’m up to. For some reason, and maybe it’s the old guard, working from home doesn’t correlate to work to you old heads. Ha. Always be like, “what are you doing Bobby”, “Ma, I’m working…I work every day like everyone else that works…” We sure did use those points to our advantage a few times. Always loved when you would stop by Umbria. For some reason you never wanted to go get food in your “work” clothes. Man. You are the hardest working person I know. I laugh when any men or women say they had such a tough day. How about 5 kids, full time job and pickup and drop-offs? Ha. Chrissy just got here. It’s nice here. A lot more warmth in the room. It’s further for me now, but who really cares? You’re closer to Bia, Lam and Dad. I know, like Pop Pop, you secretly loved Delco. I think because you really had traveled all over the county and saw so many different areas. Ah, I guess I would change some things and leave some the same. Well, I am going to wrap this one up. You’re about 5ft away from me and it gives me comfort that I get to be this close to you as you are fighting. We love you Mom. We miss you. 


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