Downeaster Alexa and The Itty Bitty

I always thought of Newport when I heard this song. Such a great song and all about the east coast and New England. It was hard to listen to it and not get emotional about all the good trips. Got me thinking the other day about The Bitty or The Itty Bitty or The Big Shed or The Fort or whatever we called your little summer place that one summer. Man. That was such a cool little place and it was all yours! I know that summer was tough for all of us and I made it down there more than a few times. It was so nice to leave and just walk around OCNJ and enjoy the weather. I remember we went and got steaks at that one place. Can’t remember the name right now. We sat at a picnic table and just ate outside. Such a good meal and good time. That place was really small, but man, you made the most of it. I remember you telling Lisa they could come down and I’m like, “we’re all going to have to sleep standing up!...and Aaron might not even fit in the place!” It was always so nice at night there. Just such a chill spot for you to do whatever you wanted. I snapped that one picture of you and Kathy chatting it up like two spinsters. Ha. You guys ate at that place that gave you tons of Italian food for a good price. I remember you raving about it. I had some good times there and it was just you and I most of the time. I remember finishing a baseball book on the beach when I took that video. Such a great summer. That place will always have a spot in my heart and I know you really enjoyed yourself that summer cause it was just so easy and you had a parking spot and could unload your car right near your little place. I said later on you should do it every summer cause it was doable. I know you sometimes felt like you didn’t want to do it alone and it bothers me that all you wanted was all of us to be together and really, we should’ve done that and not waited….cause now we may never get that chance to have that summer family place. I guess that’s life. I am in your room now. Enjoying some double decker pizza and working. You’re smoke free for 7 months and my god, it’s like your skin is getting younger. Amazing. Ha. We sure do miss you Mom. Everyone keeps asking about you. I wish I had better answers. 


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