Your smile

Been working during the day and spending my nights with you in the ICU. I laugh thinking of when you wake up you will be poked and prodded as a medical mystery and the Miracle on the Pacific (Ave)....haha. I keep wanting to see a text from you. I would love that. It’s the last week in your rental. I kind of want the place for us. It’s as you say, “so cozy”. It’s just too damn quiet without you. You are so colorful. Ha. I keep thinkin about days by the edge of pool pavement, I can feel that concrete on my feet walking over to your “spot”. It’s a sunny day. My recollection of the pool days were many sunny days and you giving me some change for a frozen Snickers. Always caring for us. I think the pool allowed you to smoke back in those days. God. You would be blasted for that today. We are looking for the smallest of signs to hang our hope on. Last night I saw you smile. I don’t care what the doctors or nurses say, you smiled. That was enough for me. Love you Mom. You’re my hero.


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