I spoke to you in my dream!

Good Morning My Mother...oh I miss you so much. Literally my sweet angel. Last night you were squinting and even moved your mouth when I had your eyes open. We are still at the rental. Lisa made your bed nice and good and sprayed some of your perfume. Still some sand in your sandals. Makes me happy you had your toes in the sand. Keeping your friends up to date on your progress. You’re so loved. I had a dream about you! I had like 3 dreams last night. Gonna try and rest a little more.

My first one was mom woke up in the hospital bed. She sat there with her legs Indian style and she was crying that we were all going through this but that she was getting better and just scared cause she was in the hospital. I told her I was so happy to hear her voice but she needs to continue to recover and get better and she can go back to sleep and when she is ready she will wake up. In a weird way I was happy cause she woke up and was alive. Lisa sprayed some of her perfume as I walked by I felt mom there.


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