A funny story Joyce just shared with me.

Lol she did always call you "the prince " oh lord one time she showed up at my house in Norwood with bleach on her hair . Her entire head covered in bleach but it wasn't getting light enough . She wanted to know if I had any bleach and developer . I did , but was afraid her hair was going to fall out . This was about 10 at night . Well we did get her hair to the color she wanted . I have no idea how her hair didn't fall out . Her scalp was actually purple .
I have such great memories of when we all rented Lynette house . She rented the patty wagon for you guys . We came home from the boardwalk and bia was no where to be found . We left her in the patty wagon asleep.

The days at folcroft pool . From opening to closing ! Carefree , kid happy , pretzels with cheese ! Lol the playpen stapes to a tree for the malin kids . The hair pulled ever so tight to get those ponytails and buns 😊


  1. Great hearing of good times with her friends. Poor Bia left in the van. Lol
    I remember that van. It was insane. 15 passengers! People probably thought we were a church group or something. Lol


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