Right around this time 2-3 days a week you would call me on your way to Heather’s. For some reason you would ALWAYS ask me if I am working or have never believe people can work from home now. You spent so many days away from home working over the years. The superfresh in Southwest, Manoa, South Street and Ocean City. Shop Rite in Marmora, and I think a few others. Always working. I wish you could’ve stopped, but was not meant to be this soon. Lisa just sent me Kane’s first day of 2nd grade. I’m mad cause you need to be here with him and in a way, I know you are. I miss you terribly mom. We all miss OUR best friend. 😥


  1. When we had one car or one was down for repairs and we would have to pick mommy up from the island ave super fresh we (or maybe it was just me?) would RUN down the candy aisle and I would just reach in any of the candy containers that were self serve and just take a gummy worm or caramel or whatever. I can literally hear myself thinking “ I love coming here and getting all the candy I want.” Not knowing of course that you had to pay for it. Lol. Mommy would let us go behind the deli counter, give us a slice of cheese and say “oh hey these are my kids!” It was always so fun. Those mundane things you dread now.... going to the grocery store....were so fun and exciting for us.


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