Things you loved. Things we miss.

Sand under your feet and between your toes.
A fresh cut lemon.
A hug from one of your children and grandchildren.
Shrimp fried rice and the 2.00 for extra shrimp.
Folcroft Pizza special you guys would get at the house.
The Folcroft Pool (402).
Driving around down the shore.
The sound under your tires from the gravel as you entered Seaville shores.
The smell of burning wood near the trailer.
The Can.
The Biscuit.
Your many scapes.
Your front lawn and gardening.
Saying hi to Pat, Suggy, Mr. Zinser, Aggie, Gene.
Talking to Heather and her family.
A good deal.
A fresh Wawa pretzel and Pepsi.
A good meal with any of us.
A meal from the Erin. Probably a seafood combo.
Being on your phone checking real estate listings.
Your many boards on Pinterest.
Dreaming about possibilities in life.
Smell of gravy in the pot with meat-a-balls and pork and sausage.
A Reuben at some new spot
Newport…every part of it.
Felon Beach
The Sev
Hand cream
Your favorite scents
Clothes of all types
Shooting the shit with Pop Pop
Doing anything anywhere with your sister.
A sarcastic, but funny comment from Brother Joe
Driving around Delco
Thanksgiving down at Saybrook
Watching QVC with your sister
The Boardwalk with anyone.
Being cozy and under a blanket on a cold winter day.
Talking with Kathy Malin before the kids went to school.
Talking to Baby Girl and Anne Foley at Manoa
Your days busting your ass in the Deli or the Bakery of so many supermarkets.
Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day
A train ride up the coast to Rhody
Tybee Island
All the magnets I got for you from all over the country.
Simple porcelain and glass dishes
Pop Pop’s tiny shops on MacDade Blvd.
The basement at Edgehill where he worked.
Your great penmanship.
The sound of the ocean.
Your baths.
Playing “Mandy Makeup” in the hallway as I would have to walk around, walk over and under you to get to the bathroom.
Our morning routines at 988 for so many years.
Penn State…everything.
Road trips.
On our way to Newport having lunch on the train or at a rest stop.
Our trip to DC with Lam where we got you guys the big room in the hotel and we ran all over DC for 3 days.
Dreaming about going to other places.
Dreaming about your next home after 988.
Wrapping gifts with so much thought.
Your scarves.
Your shoes…a few that still have sand in them.
Folding clothes.
Prepping for Summergeddon.
Calling all of us anytime, anywhere.
Answering our calls, anytime, anywhere.
Halloween with us as kids and then with the grandkids.
Surprises for the kids.
Surprises for the grandkids.
Celebrating life events.
Making sure that everything would be perfect for someone despite what anyone did or did not do.
A beer in Newport.
The Cliff Walk and Thames Street
Brick Alley Grille
The Soap Bitches
Bowen’s Wharf
The Can’s glassware with the yellow inscriptions and those old Tupperware bowls.
The shower in The Can where Pop Pop repaired it with “tape that they use on the spaceships…”
The wood in the trailer.
Buying gifts for people. “It’s just a little something…”
Doing so much with so little.
Cooking in your kitchen.
Trying to fix things on your own.
Offering to decorate anyone’s place.
Taking a “little run down to see” anyone.
The Shrimp Tacos you never stopped talking about at the hotel after we had to stay in Cancun
French Onion soup
Cooking for Pop Pop…he always enjoyed eating dinner with you.
Saying by to your co-workers when I would pick you up. Saying so proudly, “this is my son…”
Spending time in Brig with Chrissy
Ruby’s with Lam
Stopping by Bia’s house unannounced
Up in Collegeville with Lisa and the boys.
Doing for others what they had trouble doing for themselves.
Helping people who had lost loved ones without any fanfare or applause.
Saving your money and buying your own things.
Folding towels.
Spending time with the kids in the water.
Summer rentals.
Making the most out of situations that didn’t turn out as expected.
Seeing in people what they could not see in themselves.
Saying hi to the neighbors.
Pulling up the alley.
Your best friend on Grant Road, Nancy Franks, waving you down and you guys kicking off an hour long talk.
The old days on Grant Road…when life was simple.
Cleaning all our uniforms. You didn’t make many games, but you did your best.
Celebrating the recent world championships of the city. I am SO glad you enjoyed those games.
Buy the grandkid’s birthday gifts.
Paying your bills.
Paying off your car.
Making sandwiches with fresh lunchmeat.
That one time you went to the gym.
Your Mom.
Arguing with John and laughing at him.
Hearing Pop Pop ask how much concrete was used in the Manayunk Bridge.
Laughing at me sending pictures at 2am.
Arguing with me about buying a “fixer upper” down the shore.
Saying you weren’t going to live in certain areas of Delco.
Enjoying the steps in front of the house.
Your little Toyota.
Carrying your things in your clear plastic bag.
Keeping your notes in your little wallet.
Sending cards to so many people.
Buying little gifts to pick people up.
Always trying to look for the best in people.
Keeping your head up and telling us to do the same....despite hardships.


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