Good Morning! Thankfully my job doesn’t have a really set schedule, so get to sleep in sometimes. It’s nice to wake up to the great weather we’re having these days. It both reminds me of fall and spring. The beginning or end of the school year. I was getting out of bed and just wondering how you got a 10 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old ready in the morning while getting yourself together. That’s downright amazing to me. I can only imagine the mayhem you must’ve witnessed all the while probably just taking a moment and smiling and saying, “I love this life…” My hope is that what you did. Maybe somewhere in between the girls going into the notorious sock drawer to find two matching socks or me learning how to style my own hair, ha. The Spike compliments of Bob @ Village Styling. It is a really nice day here in Manayunk. Recently don’t really feel like it’s my “home” any more. Lots of things planned for the upcoming month. A few international trips. Looking forward to my first cruise and really appreciative of Joe and Colleen’s thoughtfulness. We are all getting excited for the trip. We know that one person will be missing. I know we will all take some time to remember you and celebrate you. Maybe we can send you down the zip line or take you snorkeling! Ha. I think Kathy is going to hit the zip line. I hope her “hat” doesn’t fall off. Hehe. Anyhow, I am going to be heading over to London in a week or so. Just felt the need to get away from the city and take a trip. So I’m going to head over there and see the fam and some friends. Just need another trip. I plan on working over there. Not sure where I am staying as of yet, but probably bounce around. Pop is doing better. Easter was nice. It was great to see all the kids and aunts and uncles and other family. Man was it hot. You would’ve loved the weather. Really was nice. And Bia and Lisa did a great job and the food was AMAZING. It was really a nice get together. We all realized that someone was missing, but I know you were all around us that day. We could feel the energy. The positivity. The laughter. I think that’s what I keep hearing. Your laugh. We have some family events coming up as well. I will be away for them, but they’re pretty important and it’s great to see. Just a lot going on. I don’t feel like you are missing it because I feel like you are all around us. You definitely would be driving over to Heather’s right about now. Well, you’d be there by now. I would’ve gotten a call around 10am. Like clockwork. Life is going as good as it can be right now. I know now that we are in another club of sorts. Not another club I ever wanted to be in, but we are in it nonetheless. And I know that not many people understand how this all feels until you really go through it. Many will say this and that, but they really don’t “get it” until they’ve had to go through it; well, you know what I mean. Phils aren’t doing much. Sixers won their first playoff series and killed the Nets in the last game. It was a good night. Having a pretty chill week at work. “do my 8 and skate” hahaha. I know we all have taken strength from what happened. It’s just a hard way to gain strength. I guess everyone goes through their own battles and what not. Some definitely harder than others. Well, keep looking down on us and blessing us with those little signs. I do really appreciate them dearly. I see them all the time and I stop and just think for a second. Love you Mom. Bobby


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