From Island Road to Rhode Island

Just called your sister and told her about what came to my mind when I messed up saying Island Rd. That’s so your life. I bet you would love that. You’d be laughing and saying “Oh, Bobby, you’re so funny...” Kathy and I were laughing. Sitting here thinking of all your travels. I mean. You logged a lot of miles!!! Darby, Philly, Glenolden, Folcroft, Ocean City, Manoa, South Philly, NoLibs, Mamora, Collegeville, Cancun, Newport, Providence, Penn State. Probably so many more to mention. Ah. You loved the freedom of driving and traveling to other places. I went out to dinner at a place in Fishtown. I know you would love it. Good food and drink. I was driving home and remembered the time you got stuck on 676 and in Center City for like hours. I thought you might’ve been scared but you just blamed yourself. And really...nothing to be sorry about Mom. You always gave it your best effort. 


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