I remember when I first tried contacts. I was in my room and getting ready for school. You were in your room doing something to start the day. I put them in and man, like glass cutting my eyes out. Instant pain. I realized something was wrong and we were talking about it. You said just take them out. We went up to the eye glass place in the little strip mall near the laundromat. Came to find out that there are few different types of contacts. Soft and hard. These were hard contacts and felt like thick glass on my eye I was able to get the right kinds and able to make them work. Still never played baseball with contacts, but that was for the best. I doubt I could've hit with contacts. Mother's Day just wasn't the same without you. We did get a chance to surprise Kathy at her house. That was a nice time. It was such a nice day and it's just so nice over there. It's still been kind of chilly lately. I don't even get it. I wish I could've called you. I wish I could've hat flowers sent to the house or taken you out to the Erin. Anything for you to know how loved and special you are to us. Something I will never get used to. Getting tired of hearing about things that don't involve me and going to be cutting some of that nonsense out of my life. So ready to be done with all this nonsense and bullshit with this virus. Total overreach and overreaction. You would probably be laughing at people being so scared. All of us wearing masks and it being 99% of their lives. Blah. Few more weeks and it will be Memorial Day. I hope that something is going on besides bullshit zoom calls and virtual parties. Just can't do it. Maybe take a drive somewhere. Ready to be out of this apartment. I wish you could just do what you did for all of us and your sister and what not. So full of ideas and excitement about plans other people were doing. I know you really wanted to make your dreams come true. All I can imagine is that you wake up, spend your days drinking coffee on some porch or deck that looks out over an ocean while you and Pop Pop and Mom Mom and John talk about old times; better times; loving times; funny times you all the Edge your favorite spots. Maybe Newport. Some weird things have been occurring recently and I hope that's you stopping by cause I think we need a lot more help than we are saying and I know at this point, we do have to help ourselves and just keep the ball rolling. I realize no one is going to save us from reality, but we can save ourselves and the future. It's really the only thing we can change. I just miss your calls and laughs and your happiness and joy. I hate that you were taken from us way too early. I at least thought you would be around for my 50th. That didn't seem too crazy to imagine. If I had any idea you wouldn't have, I would've doubled down and spent more time and just helped you with your dreams. I know it wasn't that hard to make them come true. Bobby

I forgot these were uploaded to my Google account. Kane and I for his birthday. Seems so long ago. Seems like lifetime ago. It was a nice time. GameStop, Wendy's, Fun Center.

I don't see it fair that you don't get to celebrate all our birthdays. You really always did a great job to make so many feel so special on their special day. Even when all you could buy me was socks. Ha. I always know you always wanted to do more....



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