Butter Barn

So many funny stories of Patty, trying to decide is tough. But I will explain our sculpted butter obsessions. So your mom loved to prank phone call people, often leaving messages as Sandy Beach. So she called to tell me she saw this great little store along Route 50, near the can, that sold all kinds of unique items, fresh honey, flowers, butter sculptures, candies etc. And that I should take a ride to check it out. It was not long after we moved here.
So she gave me directions, on how far along Rt 50 to drive, (like 20 miles) to go check out this sweet store. Little did she know that I drove that rd all the time to take Joe to hockey, so I KNEW she was trying to send me on a wild goose chase. A few wks go by, she asks if I found the place, no Patty not yet, but I promised to go.

This went on for a few months. She was persistent. She even made up a phone # to have me call for the hours....So, its Christmas time and I found a bunch of christmas candy molds and decided I knew what to do. I made a bunch of molds made out of butter. Wrapped it really beautiful in a basket and printed a flyer with the made up name of the said shop, beautiful bowdabra on top. And gave it to her Xmas day and told her YES I finally went to the ButterBarn and this gift was from there.

Well when she opened the little butter basket, we roared laughing because she thought she fooled me, but real joke was on her.  Butter Bitch!!


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