I am home and having some beers after a long, but awesome day down the shore. I light a candle for mom on the weekend. The candle is typically calm cause air doesn't really blow in that area. So I opened my curtain just to see the summer sky and thanked her for getting me out of my rut and getting my ass out the door this morning and having the guts to do something I am very bad at and failed in front of tons of people but kept trying. As I was breaking down crying, the flame in the candle went crazy back and forth. There wasn't an ounce of wind blowing near me. Chrissy and I talked about you often today. It literally was the perfect beach day. I got down early to Sandy Lane and finally got my board in the water. Since last summer was a wash, it felt great to be happy again....down he shore...where everyone should be happy. I left and met Chrissy over at her place and we hung down at her beach.

How you gonna be on the beach taking a selfie?! Hahahah. One of a kind mom. I know you would absolutely hate me posting this, but oh well.


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