March 30th, 2012 email

Always thinking about her family first....a nice big house and support. A class act. That's someone that loves you. Miss you Mom. Bobby

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Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012, 7:44:35 PM EDT
Subject: Re: stocks

bobby you have been a great "grandson" and pretty much more than any of
the others. that being said you have to know that deep inside...I know "I DO"
don't look is what it is....I need a big tight rope
around this family, it's a shame the way things play out...if I could only go
back twenty some yrs age...that was my "camelot" anything after
that I must say I must take with the horrible grain of salt...but cantastik
island awaits and another summer at the jerzee shore...and ahaa to be by
the sea...who could really ask for more....well some I know but not ME..
and after I watched that movie about Zuckenberger and the way ppl get
screwed over for bank is a real wake up call....and even that lottery to
nite...will ever get rid of cancer in my family...bring my mom back, NO
so really for me that money is useless to me...I hope the one that wins
it will cherish life as they need/want it to be....for me, Id just go to Macy's
by some Chanel skin care/ off my bills, buy a big
bitch of a house by the sea, and the rest Id give to all of you...well my
living expenses for the remainder of my life,prob like a few hundred
thousand, and that's it....yep Id be complete...!!!...

xxoo Mommy by the SEA


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