• I went down to Chrissy’s to get my board so I have it whenever I wanna go. We went and had dinner at DiOrio’s. Lenny happened to sit us in the same spot you and I ate. Chrissy had no idea you brought me here and I had no idea it was your spot with her. I was just happy to be down for a few hours. We both got the filet sandwich and some beers. So good. I dropped Chrissy off at Clancy’s. Driving there saw so many happy families. I thought how happy you would’ve been that we could’ve just been together having a simple meal. I dropped her off and then went to Joe and Colleen’s. The drive there was utterly excruciating. As I type this The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald comes on as I listen to your service songs. Driving to their house I passed the Rite aid I went to from your little place. The wawa I walked to from your place. And where we got steak sandwiches. I couldn’t even bring myself to look down the street where the bitty was. I know that’s where you were so happy. I know you didn’t know it then but I know you knew it later. I got to joe and Colleen’s and shot the shit. Chrissy was gonna go back home but decided to wait. I went to her place and loaded my board and drove up the parkway. As memories came back the smell of Mom Mom and Pop Pop’s silver regal with red interior came flushing through the air. I spoke to them as tears fell down. I smelled the pines and seaville shores after that. I asked questions. I asked about my future. I don’t get it. I don’t understand. I want answers. Not many but like one or two. Oh and I had the cole slaw. I know it’s going to be a good summer but being that it will be the first without you, I know it will be different. I got your sign tonight. Of all the songs I could’ve heard there I heard that one....and the place was empty no less. We miss you mom. No one can take your place. Bobby


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