Passing notes

I was talking to Heather tonight. We talked about how much you are missed. And here, you leave bread crumbs. You left her notes all over the house in the form of post it notes. Who does that? Mom you rock! Really. That’s just such a nice gesture. I am so glad you did it. I am happy Heather and her family get to read things from you right now. It really makes it like you are there. You’re such a special person. Always trying to make others feel better...even now. So selfless. We all miss you so much but I feel you all around us. I keep getting stories my way. They make me smile. I am happy you are closer to us now. You’re our hero mom. You really are. I love you and miss you. Bobby

PS Lam and I went to luckys on Main Street for some burgers after she left Lisa’s. You would be proud I did no bun. She got the PB&J bacon cheeseburger. She loved it. We walked back down the path you and I would walk down home. It was a nice night. You were thought of a lot.


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