Reading by Mandy Tokolics

Mandy Tokolics Reading – July 14th, 2020

You’re very anxious. Why? I can feel that. Why are you so worried?

Spirits are ready to talk. Lots of chatter.

I have a lump in my stomach. Is there something wrong with your stomach?  Yes, I have diabetes.

They want to mess with me and my energy. I can’t tell if they’re male or female.

I feel a female energy coming through. They are very nurturing and loving. Female energy.

They are on this side. I can’t see.

The main person is laying on the floor. They are in someone’s lap. They are a highly angelic being in the physical sense.

Is the last name with an “en” or an “in”? Yes, our last name is Malin.

I see a fish. Did anyone fish? My pop pop and I fished.

Someone is cradling her. Did this happen?

Was her passing quick and sudden? Yes, she had a sudden brain aneurysm.

I am getting someone named Barbara or Baba or WaWa…it could be Pop Bob. That’s it.

Is she new to the other side? Yes. 2019.

Don’t be afraid to let her in.

She just told me to tell you to shhhhhh. With her finger.

Why are you always so worried about everyone? You’re a worry wort. Were you always like this? You’re so amped.

She said to me, “he doesn’t even drink coffee…”

Subconsciously you know what’s wrong. Consciously you don’t.

Who are Jimmy and Timmy? They are two great fathers in our family. Class acts.

You create stories in your head. Don’t believe everything you see or believe.

On surface and behind closed doors life is different.

Are you 42 or 43? 42

What is choking?  Who is choking? I used to clean my mom’s trach tube out. Yes, that’s it.

She said, “you never left her side…”

Did she have a stroke? No, a brain aneurysm rupture.

I am seeing half. Half my head or torso. Yes, she had about half of her upper skull removed.

Mary and Elizabeth are with her. They are right by her. They are all together.

She’s feisty!

What was the deal with the hospital? It sounds like you didn’t like it…I didn’t. She mentions Jefferson.

By the time she really got on the floor, her physical self was gone. Her soul knew it was time.

You said 14 days, what does that mean?

Where did the sacral wound end?

You entered a state of calm when you found out about that. There was no more guessing.

Around December, she was healing spiritually. She had one thread left that needed to be resolved.

Who is married? Lisa?

In December I got message she was done taking care of things. She couldn’t hold your hands any more. She came back to Lisa to say goodbye.

She knows you got put in charge.

Who is the 8-9 year old nephew? Kody? K K Kane. Who is Jace? Ace

Kids under 5 can see people who are in the afterlife.

I am seeing a uniform. A cop? No. UPS? I worked at UPS during college.

Her spot of resting? That was funny. You guys tossed her ashes into the ocean….and now she “sleeps with the fishes” she laughed at that. Were the ashes the bait?

Is there a male coming through? Her dad? No, she is blocking everyone….

When I opened the container of her ashes the light in the room went bright and psychic didn’t see the ashes or the light. She said that was her.

She says you’re a pain in the ass, but you are good at heart.

She wants to wish you a happy birthday.

She is ok. She misses the Irish stuff.

Betty Boop. “I’ll always love my mama.” Laughing with family.

She saw when you look at the picture of her license. She was there.

If you want to be close to her, go to the water.

Stop carrying any bad karma with you. You can’t go there.

Who is “Patty” or “Patsy”….that’s my mom’s nickname. She would spell it like “PatSea”

I was on zoom and I had mom’s ashes in my hand or near me out of view from camera...So towards the end, it’s dark in my apt and I take the lid off the ashes and this blaring light goes on in Mandy’s room. She could not see the ashes or what I was doing. I said did you just turn a light on. She said no. I cant do it sitting down here. Normal house switches. The light behind and above her stayed for about 10 seconds. She said that’s your mom.

Love you Mom. You're the best.


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