The Shed

We spent the entire day moving and fixing that shed. There was so much stuff in it. We had a good time doing it. He couldn’t hold on to the plywood drifting and it was funny. We drove down Route 9 and he laughed the entire time down there. We talked about Ernie. We drove. We laughed. We got to Seaville and then unloaded and got to work. I literally picked that empty shed up and just moved it to the other side. He laughed. I laughed. I can’t believe that is over. I would do it again 100 times for that time back. It’s hard to think this was the last time we would work together. It’s a private moment in this picture. A man pondering life, work, family. I see him and I see love. I see pain. I see perseverance. I see love. I see a life well lived. I see a happy and content man.


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