a (edited) quote

I just saw this and wanted to edit it to apply to you, us. Today I am left again asking why....why her? why them? why now? why not 20 years down the road? why...why...why. They, like us, deserved more time with their hero, their role model, their sounding board, their hugger, their rock...I am the only one who can probably answer my own questions when there is no one around. Pain is never something I want to get used to. It chips away from the inside out. Not sure what to do. Looking forward to the falling snow tomorrow. Maybe a trip up the road.

Some day I hope to get here....not today. 

“Instead I reflect on how lucky I am to call you my mom. The tears never go away, but they change…from that of mourning to that of grace. We only hope to make you proud.”


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