Sitting here trying to study stuff I am not really into today. I don’t know why I thought about it, but I remember our trip to Providence on our way to Newport. Really the first time I rode the train with you as an adult. I remember how proud of you I was for not even being the least bit worried or concerned about everything happening on our way up. The busyness of it all. That was a really great train ride. The time of year we went slips my mind. I know it was warm cause I had shorts and Asics on, but not sure how warm. I remember that we had a row basically all to ourselves, so something tells me we went on a day it was not busy. Part of me doesn’t even think we had to really sit together. I have this memory of us sitting together and we ate some lunch on there, but it’s not very vivid. I remember we got off in Providence and were again hungry. We got an uber or cab to the car rental place. I just remember leaving that tiny train station in Prov and we were dragging our carry-ons across the quad to get to the other side. I remember I had my travelpro still working. You had this somewhat cloth suitcase with plastic corners. I can remember that. Looking back I wish we just talked about your luggage being a little stronger. We could’ve easily gotten one at Marshalls since you basically worked there. I guess it wasn’t top of the mind. I recall we weren’t in Providence long. Not much to really see there. Remember getting something to eat, think Panera, then to get our rental and we were off. The driving to Newport is always somewhat monotonous. Those roads and areas outside of Newport are just so vast with nature and then small towns. It can get somewhat boring. I remember we just relaxed and listened to music and drove. I remember how excited we got coming over the main bridge. I was excited for you to see my “girl”, Newport, RI. I know it didn’t look like much when we first pulled in, but I could see you felt like you were on a mini-vacation when we got to the hotel. That part is a little vague. I can’t remember if we stayed at the Mainstay or the Hampton Inn or Quality Inn. I know me you and Kathy stayed at a brand name. I know you and I stayed at Mainstay and then somewhere else. Will need to check your FB. In any case, you were totally comfortable in Newport and Rhody. I feel like you adjusted so fast. As always is the case when I get there, my worries leave, salt fills my lungs, the world is less busy and I have less concerns about the world. I just enjoyed walking around that town. I remember we walked so much you asked me to stop. We sure did get around those trips. I am so happy you and Kathy got to see such a special place. And we truly were just happy the whole time. Really no issues at all. It’s weird that traveling was like a lifetime ago for me. It feels like it wasn’t me, but when I see pics of us from DC, from Newport, Providence, NYC, the memories driving to those places; even better taking the train, I think good things. I also know we loved free breakfast to start the day. As I look at hotels, I am keying in on that. I don’t even want to deal with work right now, but I think I can maybe take a trip somewhere before Christmas. I wish you could come with me. Bobby


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