That video was amazing. The songs and pictures are amazing. Seeing her with the little ones hits you. I never really talked to her about Tigers AC cause I didn’t know that part of her life. I felt bad that I didn’t visit her at home or ask her if she needed help. Until about 6-7 years in I felt I had a “place” next to your shop and could just stop in and I did every time she was up on her “perch”. 

These two pictures are just so her. 

As for the luncheon, I felt like I was starting to just get into a certain grieving mood that I couldn’t control. When I drove home after such a beautiful service it was very hard to contain myself. I’ve not been able to really put it down on paper and I said to Jackie. I said aloud. “Mom, when you see Mom Mom, just give her one of the warm hugs you always gave me cause mom mom is one helluva hugger” and I used to say she gave great cheek kisses. 

After I said that driving home I came home and ate and had nothing emotionally left. I know there are many great women in families but my mom and mom mom….they just GOT it. They got what life was truly about. 

I loved the pictures. Like what was said during the service. I feel joy for her reconnecting with the people she lost but we miss her down here. 

It will always bring me to great times walking by her there and walking in and just shooting the shit and her smile and when I would tell her about my plans (if they were wild) she would recoil with such a perfect smirk that it made me smile. 

She always was nice to me. From the beginning. I didn’t know anyone in the area really. I wasn’t driving. I didn’t have my truck. I remember I would just stand on the corner by the shop, waiting for the bus. I would legit just be sitting on the step and the shop would be open and people coming and going but I was so new and I felt like an outsider and really I was. You all had your regulars and locals. She would come out with a box, I can even remember what it was few times, a nice serving of a bread with some meats inside. Chicken or beef cheesesteak. And I was hungry and I ate it right up. I remember she offered it and I offered to pay and she would say “don’t you dare. You eat that up. You have a safe trip.” It brings me joy but also takes me back to a time I didn’t have much and here is this woman a perfect stranger coming out to feed me. I never forgot that. As years passed our friendship grew and grew. I would come out with some tee from Spankys or Eagles or Phillies and mesh shorts or sweats and stop in when I saw her wave. I never missed the chance to knock on the glass but made sure I didn’t walk too fast so when I knocked she could realize what side I was on. And all the time I would stop in and just go right to her. Many times I was going in just to say hi to her verbally. In the this computer age, she is from a time when you really engaged and said hi and bye to your neighbors. A handshake and a hug. She brought that to the table and I never ever turned a hug from Mom Mom down. I remember one Thanksgiving. Maybe one of the last with my own mother, she got so excited to bake me this famous chocolate cake. So I said I would love it. So the day she tells me she has it I go in to see it and it’s literally vanilla icing on huge chocolate and that had been my favorite since I’ve been a little boy. The only other person who baked it for me? My own mother. I remember my mom had some and said it was amazing. She asked who made it and of course I said mom mom. I told her “my entire family said your cake was amazing”. I get sad a little that my family didn’t get to experience her more but both my nanny and my mom met her and that’s just special. I wish I had another 15 years to knock on the glass, walk up, get that warm embrace and laugh about our lives and plans for the day. That’s what life is about….loving the time we have with each other. 

I won’t be able to hear Fly Eagles Fly without thinking of her. We had so much fun outside the shop and my little apartment. Doing the Mummers strut the day of the Super Bowl. Beers in the shop. She is THE city. 

I will miss her.  


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