It Shore Is

I was talking with Nancy about all your stays down the shore. I was talking about when you and Pop Pop lived in the place at 3rd and Asbury. I really loved that place. It wasn’t big but it was so perfect for you, him and the girls. I remember just seeing it and then going out back to that little back deck and how perfect it was. I wish Lisa and Bia had been home permanently that summer to enjoy it. It was such a cool little spot. I was thinking back about it and when I would drive from AC to OC to come stay with you all. Haha.

Part of me knows you loved living there but I know it was such a stressful time going back and forth to Delco to work. I don’t know if you were working up there but I know Pop Pop was running the shop still. I can’t imagine that commute from the shore to collingdale a few days a week. I’m not sure what either of you were thinking. The stress hurts me to think of for both of you. I know staying at 3rd and Asbury made it all worth it. There was always such a calm there. I think you brought some of the Darby furniture down there and I don’t even know how you got it down there.

I remember sitting at that little table. The ocean or bay breeze would blow through the one level house. As the sun would set, there was a sense of calm and safety there. That’s all I ever thought of for you down there. You always seemed to just feel at ease or could rest. We had my 30th birthday in that kitchen. Haha. I remember you got me a 6 pack of Miller Lite. I think we had some cupcakes and a small cake. It was perfect. I remember you tried to just make it so homey for everyone.

The area out back was just perfect . A little wooden land level deck. Few chairs. I remember it would get so hot there. I remember how you would hang pop pop’s bleached white shirts. As much as it wasn’t “our” house, I think of you just stopping from hanging your wash, sitting down on the steps, maybe having a smoke and just thinking about your life to that point. It was such a chill spot…I can see you doing that. It would get so quiet in that alley way you might be able to hear the ocean. I wish I stopped there more but I was going through some stuff with the gf at that time. I wish I picked the beach over that drama.

Sitting here watching these couples. Not even really that old buying million dollar island places. Like they’re buying the entire island. I’m thinking of what you would say watching this. “Bobbyyyy….check this out….can you believe these people? Buying a whole friggin island. Sheet..I bet we can ask them to stay for a week. Maybe get a little job back in the mainland….that’s the dream.” I realize now what your dreams were after being a mother. I do wish we worked to make them happen. It was definitely possible to do after all is said and done. Even renting is better than nothing. I think you talked yourself out of renting so much but that’s totally what is huge now and getting even bigger. I wish we were able to make it happen. Some day.

Miss you Mom. So crazy. I am looking at some old pictures for one picture on my Google account and a picture of you and the house just shows up. I've never seen it before and I know I sure as hell didn't take it. I feel like you're saying hi!

 I got some of the videos from the house. It was good to see you move, to walk, to be alive, to be happy, and to be at the shore. A great picture of you all. Oh how I wish I could give them and you this time back...I can stand in the background...and be the camera guy. 



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