Out of nowhere a co-worker and friend, Melissa, yesterday asked me if I ever had a BLT with sweet corn. She's from Iowa and I don't know what goes on in Iowa. Ha. Very sweet person. Anyhow, she asked me if I ever had that and I am like, "yes, but not with corn on it..." She replied, "you don't put the corn on it..." and I immediately laughed. One thinking of some corn on the cob on some sandwich and just thinking of corn on a sandwich (yuck). In any case, she said I need to try it some time. It reminded me of those days I would stay home from school growing up. Watch the typical shows. Transformer and Tom & Jerry cartoons. Then probably Silver Spoons or What's Happening and you would make me a BLT. They were soooooooooo good. I could go for two these days. Any how, I can remember them so vividly. As the girls were running around destroying the house, the "prince" got to sit on the couch and enjoy his sandwich and TV. Those days it was just you and I for the most part. I figure if I was 8-9, Lisa was about 3-4 and down from there. Thankfully they couldn't talk much and ruin my morning routine. For some reason these memories are around the cold seasons. The cold outside and our house warm and beating with a vibrant pulse of anarchy. I think I had some kind of pajama game going on. Maybe Superman or Spiderman. You sure did crank out some meals out of that tiny kitchen. I was watching the video of Cavanaugh's. They did an amazing job with it. One of the pictures was of you in the kitchen....before that huge hole in the ceiling came. You're just so happy. Everything same as it was 20 years earlier. Brown all over. haha. I know how much you wanted to update everything in there, but I think you were getting to it with the fridge and the table. I was laughing the other day when we took that long ride to I think north of Blue Bell to pick up that bed from that guy. That house of his was pretty awesome. Peaceful and we go down the basement and see that huge bed and I start lugging the frame out. He was nice enough to give me a cover for my truck that I still use today. A perfect stranger really. Things are going. Started school again. I know this one is going to be hard, but I hope really just pads the resume and gives me the skills I know I can't get at work and then just move on to something more challenging. I am bored as all hell. Ha. As you always said, "do your 8 and skate..." We sure do miss you during these months. More so I feel cause you always loved the slowing down at the end of summer as we get excited for, sports, holidays. I think I will have to make myself a BLT some time soon. Of course I will smile and think of you. Bobby.

 I remember when I took this picture at Danny's house. I remember saying, "you two...get together...." Nan is doing well. Going through her treatments and well, doing Nanny things. Please watch over her. I know she misses you and I know you miss her. Please see her through this time in her life. Also so Pop doesn't keep wondering where dinner is. hahahaha. 


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