Cantastic Island

I had these pictures saved here to write about Cantastic Island aka The Can but never did. A cold and rainy day here in Delco will help with that. I really have little desire to hop on laptop and learn. Haha. You are thought about so much. Stef sent us a great picture that I never saw that I will post some time. It’s things like that that I remember better times where tragedy was not present. 

I know how much you loved that little trailer. I can still feel around with my hands to feel the tweed floor liner, the “pinees” that dropped from the skies and into the trailer, the countertop that mom mom was always leaning against and my two little sea fairing captains; clothed in their yellow and navy blue captains coats. I remember actually going there one time with an ex when I was 28-29 and man it was rocking and rolling the next morning. I don’t remember falling asleep but we woke up with back pain from sleeping on the front bed. Haha. Poor pop pop. Such an early riser and disheveled just didn’t know what to do. His little can had become fraught with adults. Those years the can doesn’t seem as warm but it still stood. I remember years around 2009 until the end going down here and there. I think you had all of you there that one day. Well I mean you pop pop and Kathy. Maybe Tom helping out. I wasn’t there but I recall a video. I remember the safety of so many meals, eaten by Prowler constructed headlamps and the sanctity of Seaville Shores. I am so thankful mom mom and pop pop had us down there. Part of me gets sad that mom mom missed almost 15 more years going down there cause I really think she would’ve loved it. I can still feel all the little woodwork in the back room with the little lamps. Thankfully you took so many pictures as years were ending. I really wish I was there the day they drove it away because I should’ve been. Granted it was shared amongst many; I bet you all were sad to see it pulled away. I remember spending a few weekends here and there with pop pop, Kathy and Tom and all of you. I’m thankful I chose to do that because they are lasting memories for me. Even getting out to fish with pop pop and our hilarious story about the crab cakes at Dino’s. I am hesitant to visit the area down there and maybe some day I will be able to pull a trailer in just to enjoy that life. 

Part of me doesn’t imagine you, Kathy John pop pop and mom mom at Edgehill. Not because it has bad memories but because you all, like many of us, just enjoy nature and what peace and joy the trailer brought to all of us. I remember later in life how proud you were of the front decor. I can see it in my head and hopefully have a picture of the “trailer scape”. You always kept things so clean and respectful. I miss that. People don’t realize how much goes into it. I see you all at the trailer. Enjoying lazy beach days and cozy nights. Maybe you flip on the little TV and catch 60 mins as you’re wrapping up dishes with mom mom, maybe you even catch “Johnny”. I can’t imagine you operating in happiness in the current state of the world but I’m working on it. Part of me is happy you didn’t have to deal with a lot that has happened the last 5 years. Some things are just over the top and not needed to participate in. Alas, maybe you would just be driving up and down the blue route like I did yesterday. 

Part of me just wishes your feet and hands got a rest, a nice long rest. I felt like you were on them since birth. Sometimes that gets to me. 

I don’t want to do much today. The rain is falling. It’s peaceful. While I want to see family, part of me just enjoys the quiet of the rain….the same rain that fell so many days at the can, hitting that metal roof, falling to the side and puddling up along the flashing. I can still see mom mom’s clear glass teapot and the little fridge. She would probably kill me for ever putting a beer in there. Haha. Then again, she never stopped me from my life. Oh how I would give her and you all the biggest hug. We sure did enjoy our hugs. Make sure you turn the little lights off in the back. Pop pop will sleep good with the little slat windows half open from the twist crank. Tell him to fix that shower that he patched with the tape he told me “they use on the space ships”. Later in life I felt like he said “you fell for that?”



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