Not that I would ever want to write about that day in any way, but that day, I guess, well, we all were somewhere, with someone, seeing history, unfortunately be made. I will never forget that morning. There was literally not a cloud in the sky. I guess I was like 24. I know I was working at Vanguard by then. I am pretty sure. I remember, that day, I was just sitting out front, cause it was so comfortable about on Grant Rd. The sun was perfect. The sky perfect. You must've been somewhere in the house. Not that you could get lost. I remember Dad was in his work jeans and sitting upright on his bed. I think all the girls were in school. I was done college. I have this idea of going back into the house and a "oh my God..." or a "Bob, what is going on..." For some reason I remember Dad just being fixated on the Sony screen. There weren't many words to echo during the time the planes were hitting. I remember one thing...the two of you on the bed, the brown and light pastel comforter, a miss all over the bed. Dad must've called you in and you sat down on the edge of the bed near where his knees or shins might be...fixated on the TV. I remember a "Bob, what is happening?" So much confusion. I don't even remember Dad having an idea and just being in such disbelief. As we all were. I remember entering your room. I just sat behind you, I think I stood for a while. The TV was always turned towards Dad's position, so I couldn't really see. I could faintly see the NYC skyline and the blue sky. The amount of quiet in Folcroft that day, was in a word, deafening...I get chills thinking of it cause I would imagine it was the longest period of time we spent that close since the girls arrived one after another. I remember just being quiet. You two were quiet. I think actually scared to say, "Bobby, we are being attacked..." There was nothing that really could convey what was going on. I dont even recall talking to anyone during that entire day. I remember sitting on that bed forever. I remember you cupping your hands over your mouth, as you did many times, when pain was occuring in some part of a life. And a lot of "oh my God.....oh my God...those people are trapped..." I can somewhat remember it. I am hardly a speechless person, but during that entire time in your bedroom, I don't recall muttering one word. I was 24, what could I say? I remember you had a towel in your hand. I remember you bent over and put your arm on your knee and your hand on your chin. Ironically I don't recall either of you smoking at all during the entire thing. I think for that hour or so, we all forgot ourselves. There was really nothing that could be done. Aside from that moment, I had that one other moment with the call with one of the pilot's wives, but that's a story I have already shared. In a terrible time, the irony of that time was that families did unite. I remember the three of us, confused, sad, angry.....on a beautiful day. Life changed forever. I looked for a few quotes, but I will leave it out. I wouldn't want to go back to that day, even if it meant one more day with you. That is a day that none of us should ever have to relive. -bm


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