Listening to some classic rock. I remembered that time you and I went to Clover by Penrose Plaza. Not sure why cause figured you wouldn’t wanna go there since you worked there. Maybe you were picking me up from a weekend at Nanny’s. It’s not hard to remember what happened but how it happened. I was looking at transformers and then I saw a gum ball machine and I started to take the gum balls out of the machine and put them in my pocket. I can legit remember the balding dark hair guy looking at me behind the entrance of the aisle. As soon as I put those gum balls in my pocket he snagged me. I was caught. Crying my eyes out. I mean I was like 10. He took me in some room and then asked my name and then called for the “mother of Bobby Malin”. I remember I had a blue hoody on. You showed up. He took it easy on me. But he did tell me that he could “call the police”. I don’t even remember what you said to him but I walked out a “free man”. I remember you in the car. “Bobby, you just can’t be doing stuff like that. I mean, what were you thinking?” Probably just trying to start a criminal enterprise. Hahahahah. We drove home. We never told anyone. No one ever knew. For the most part my record stayed clean for most of my teen years. Haha. 


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