never wake up realizing what today is. I think from that day 4 years ago, my mind no longer remembers that as a “day”. I like to think of the life we shared. It has been a somewhat up and down summer. I laugh. I think of sand covered glass Pepsi bottles, “Florida” rooms covered in screen, old wood and turf, old ceramic ash trays, glasses with yellow glazed beach themes, styrofoam coolers, The Kenney Igloo, getting lunch meat, sand covered car floors, wrung out bathing suits drying, balled up towels with that scent of summer daze, a cold 6 pack, clothesline holding fresh whites summer bleached, a walk down Thames Street, a drive down Route 9, stopping in Dino’s, the turn by the hotel and the arts and crafts store, you and Kane at The Bitty, you and I out for dinner, the salt air of…Mexico, Newport, Ocean City, South Carolina, Sea Isle, the salt air in your heart, The Breakers, JFK, Pop Pop’s fishing rods and tackle box, the last project he and I did on the shed, my happiness over a friend getting her first trailer and seeing her and her son make memories, I dream and live in those memories sometimes. Mom Mom and Pop Pop, us at the trailer. Sun sets, romantic trailer lights popping on like lightning bugs, washed up for dinner, a fold out dinner table, Harry and Whitey with the play-by-play on the small tv, my pet rock on the windowsill. These are things I’m shore about. Love you Mom. I’ll always be salty (laughing).

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” – E. E. Cummings


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