Green Apron

My dream was about mom. She was actually in it. She was on some type of couch or long chair. She couldn’t move but she had her green super fresh apron on. She was sad cause she couldn’t move. She was crying when she saw me and then I was crying and we hugged and kiss as she laid there and I took the apron off so she could go to sleep. It was surreal cause I could hear her voice and I could feel her emotion when she was answering me say “I miss you so much”. She was crying as she replied “I miss you so much.” I could see her hair and I could feel her close. It was a melancholy feeling cause I was sad at her condition but so happy to hear her voice and feel her close and let her know I missed her. I got up from hugging her and the last memory of the dream was holding the green apron in my hand above her.



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