Cast Off

 Hi Mom. Got a chance to get away and really just enjoy myself and have some quiet times to reflect. Thought a lot about our other trip to Mexico. Our trips to the shore and the trailer. The fact I forgot to reconnect my wife and the girls going bananas thinking I was lost at sea or kidnapped, but all was good. I got a chance to swim in beautiful turquoise waters and slowly wade alone with my thoughts. Scrape the bottom of my feet in joy against the rocky bottom of the ocean. Meet some great people from all over the world and just get back to being myself. Being a person I remembered. Being an explorer and turning my face toward adventure and the joy of getting to know perfect strangers in a new place. I was thankful and grateful to all the service and law enforcement in Cancun who were all friendly to me and let me laugh and enjoy life. I will never forget it. I had to say goodbye to a friend from the village on my second day and instead of being overly sad, I just said, “we had some really special times playing hockey on those cold nights and those cold beers on those warm summer nights growing up, never forget you Jimbo…” Then me and my buddy just let loose and met some fantastic and amazing people. This picture is for you. It’s for our family. That there is so much out in this world if you’re willing and ready to cast off from that familiar pier. Bobby 


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