Kelchner's & The Chinese Tea House

Ah. The sun is shining today, but it has been a hard week. I feel like you’re around all of us. I finished my program which was a high and a low to finish being with that great group of people I was with the last 24 weeks. Now the goal is to get a new job. Preferably somewhere besides my company. Two moments happened this week and I really just wanted to share with you. I was picking up some fresh steamed shrimp in old bay and some tilapia from Acme. The guy who works there, older guy, just reminds me of a guy who loves talking to customers. Like you. So I always shoot the shit with him. So this time, I was up at the counter and he didn’t notice me from where he was sitting and eating his dinner. Hhaha. He let out some choice words and said he has no backup. He said it’s not your fault and of course I knew. We’ve all worked for companies that don’t do enough. I remember now you hated Acme cause they always seemed to shit on their good people. So we just get to talking about how you liked horseradish and I had gotten some Kelchners cocktail sauce. I’ve had it before and every time it knocks my socks off cause the chili peppers (not sure why they’re in cocktail sauce) and the horseradish, literally clean my sinuses out. So I was asking him where I can get some other cocktail sauce and he’s like wait, goes in the back and comes out with the box of Kelchner’s that they usually put in the grab-n-go packs of shrimp. I was really thankful. Haha.

So I was doing a lunch workout and then put the waves on my tv to chill out…to go with my Newport beach cam on my computer. So I was checking out some ocean videos from RI and I came across a video called Discover Newport. Really cool cam views of all the places we’ve been and we took Kathy. It got me a little emotional. Sad that we’ll never be there together, but happy we were there together. So as I am giving “thanks”, the drone comes across to that place behind one of the mansions. Really not somewhere I thought they would’ve captured on the video. It was really amazing. I was really happy they showed this place and felt closer to it and you. I told Kathy and I knew we had a few pics of us in front of there. I am so happy we saw other parts of this great country. I am happy we got to see some “really cool shit” as I like to say. I know I sometimes pushed you out of your comfort zone. It reminds me of European Vacation. We were running around Newport and you finally said we needed to stop and rest. Haha. Kathy thinks the Asian building may have been out back of the Vanderbilt mansion, but I can’t remember and too lazy to look right now. So glad I watched the footage and saw it fly over that building the same time I was giving thanks. It made remember to remember and to not forget the good…and try and let the bad go.

Love you Mom. I hope you are up there and up “there” in Newport listening to the waves crash, the birds sing, and the crowds gather at Brick Alley for some blueberry beers and people wide-eyed at the Cliff Walk’s beauty and all that she gave us. 



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